About Us

About Us

Immigrant Connection is dedicated to providing low-cost confidential legal services to individuals who are eligible to apply for immigration benefits. Our Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) accredited representatives provide consultations on immigration questions, prepare complex immigration forms, and give honest, competent legal advice.



Immigrant Connection is recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). Attorneys and BIA Accredited Representatives are authorized to provide legal counsel to immigrants in regards to their eligibility for immigration benefits under current U.S. immigration law.


Need Advice or Assistance?

If you need advice or assistance with any of these services, or simply need help understanding what options you may have under the law, you can schedule a consultation with one of our Legal Representatives. During the consultation, we will carefully review your case and make sure you understand the benefits and risks associated with your situation, then offer you advice on how to proceed.



Rev. Dr. James Wood,

Executive Director & DOJ Accredited Legal Representative Immigrant Connection, Inc

Jim currently serves as the Lead Pastor of the Olathe Wesleyan Church in Olathe, Kansas. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Christian Ministry, Christian Education and Biblical Literature from Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana. He then attended Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois while serving as an Assistant Pastor at the Wesleyan Community Church in Oak Lawn, Illinois. In 1997, he graduated from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School with a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree. After graduating from seminary, he served for almost a decade in district leadership both in the Kansas District of The Wesleyan Church and the West Michigan District of The Wesleyan Church. In 2008, he became the lead pastor of the Olathe Wesleyan Church. In 2010, he graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) degree. In December 2014, he became the Executive Director of Immigrant Connection, Inc. and also serves as a DOJ Accredited Legal Representative.

Ms. Carole Freemon,

DOJ Accredited Legal Representative Immigrant Connection, Inc.

Carole was born in Jamaica. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality Management from the University of the West Indies as well as a Master of Science degree in Management from Friends University. She has served in the hospitality industry in Nassau, Bahamas and the greater Kansas City metro. She worked in the insurance industry prior to joining Immigrant Connection, Inc. Carole currently serves as a DOJ Accredited Legal Representative. Carole has two sons and three grandchildren.